Gabungan Dewan Perniagaan Tionghua Sabah

The Sabah United Chinese Chambers of Commerce (SUCCC) is the parent organisation of the Chinese Chambers of Commerce in the State of Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan. It has 16 constituent Chambers located separately in the 16 districts of the State and F.T. Labuan.

The SUCCC was founded in 1955, with the name of North Borneo United Chinese Chamber of Commerce, which had only nine constituent chamber members, they were from Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, Tenom, Beaufort, Papar, Kudat, Lahad Datu & Labuan.

The SUCCC is one of the 17 constituent Chambers of The Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM).

Objective and Functions

The SUCCC’s objectives as promulgated in its Rules are as follows: –

  1. To promote liaison and co-operation among various Chinese Chambers of Commerce and/or other commercial and industrial associations in Sabah for the protection, and advancement of the interests of their members in respect of commerce, industry, primary industries and other economic activities;
  2. To study and formulate views, observations and recommendations of the business community in respect of, in particular the state’s and in general the nation’s socio-economic development so as to promote better understanding between the community and the Government or other public/private sector organisations, and in furtherance of this object, to contribute towards the development of the national economy and the promotion of national unity;
  3. To collect, collate and disseminate information relating to commerce, industry and other economic sectors;
  4. To liaise with other Chambers of Commerce or economic organisations. In particular, to organise or participate in meetings relating to economic matters, trade missions and exhibitions and other activities relevant to the promotion of economic co-operation;
  5. To promote social welfare activities as well as organise or sponsor manpower training programmes or seminars beneficial to the economic development of the nation;
  6. To promote and provide funding for educational, professional and vocational training and for this purpose to establish and manage an Education Trust Fund;
  7. To arbitrate in disputes between members (with the consent of both parties) and to perform other services pertinent to the functions of a chamber of commerce.
  8. To acquire, sell, lease or otherwise deal with any property owned by the association and to participate in business either singly or jointly with commercial firms or organisations for the promotion and advancement of the interests of all members of the association.

沙闽中华总商会总会长拿督斯里邦里玛颜少华局绅向沙巴首席部长拿督斯里邦里玛慕沙阿曼作出本会过去成绩和未来工商、教育、社会福利等计划的汇报后,获得后者大赞,并竖起拇指肯定颜少华的领导。 本会于2014年6月28日晚于麦哲伦度假村隆重举行60周年会庆、中华大厦推介礼暨马来西亚中华总商会第68届会员大会三禧庆时,众贵宾和主礼嘉宾的沙巴首席部长拿督斯里慕沙阿曼主持切蛋糕仪式之影。 沙闽中华总商会第40届理监事会产生后和各属会会长及代表大合摄。 本会总会长拿督斯里邦里玛颜少华局绅(左5)率领众理监事前往州首府与沙巴州元首敦朱哈馬希魯丁伉俪同欢共庆开斋节时合影留念。 本会总会长拿督斯里邦里玛颜少华局绅(左2)率领众理监事前往吉隆坡出席马来西亚中华总商会第66届会员代表大会时与步抵会场的主礼嘉宾首相拿督斯里纳吉交谈甚欢。右3为沙闽中总副总财政甲必丹何金灿。
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